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Let's take a new look

Hmmm. I’ve never thought of it that way.

Sometimes your story just needs to be flipped around. You might have an awesome write-up, describing all the benefits of using your product or service, but it may just blend in with the rest of your competition who is offering something similar.

Why not change things up?

One way you can stand out is by serving up content from the perspective of your product or service. Let your product talk to them. Let it tell your customer why they need it.

You’ll be surprised by the difference it can make.


STORY: A letter from an abandoned coffee mug

Background: “A letter from a friend” was written from the perspective of a coffee mug that was left in a microwave and forgotten… my coffee mug.

Dear friend,

Can we talk?

Look, I know. You’re busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy.

But when you put me in this room and then leave me here, it makes me feel invisible. It makes me feel like…well, like you forgot about me.

Did you forget about me?

One minute I’m holding your hand and the next I find you slamming the door behind you.

I’m just confused, I guess.

You know, when you leave me alone here… it’s not all bad at first.

You leave the light on for me and you keep me warm. I like that. It makes me feel loved.

But then, after a little while, the light fades and I’m just left sitting here alone… getting cold… waiting for you to notice me.

I want to yell out to you, to try to get your attention. But I can’t.

I can see you pass by through the window, but you’re always headed somewhere else.

Somewhere… not here.

And so, I wait. Sometimes for hours.

Once, you came to get me and I got excited. But then I realized… when you opened the door, with another holding your hand… that you forgot that I was still here. That was… awkward.

Let’s be honest. I know there are others. I’ve seen them. I know I’m not the only one. But when you hold me close and we spend time together, I feel like it’s just you and me.

So, please, please… don’t forget about me.

I’m here waiting for you.


-your coffee mug… sitting here patiently in the microwave


STORY: A letter from your spine

Background: A chiropractor with new technology wanted me to create a story from the perspective of a customer’s spine. They wanted the spine to tell their “person” what they needed and that this chiropractor is the answer for them.

I know this doesn’t happen as often as it should, but I just wanted to say… thank you. So many people don’t have the backbone to do what you did, but you were willing to try something new… for me… and I appreciate it.

I’d heard from so many of my friends who were terrified to get out of line because they knew they’d end up getting cracked and crunched at some traditional chiropractor. Ouch! And I thought that would be my fate as well. As it was, the meds you were taking helped the pain a little bit, but I wasn’t sure how much longer your stomach and liver were going to hold out under that barrage.

But then… then, you did something amazing. You took me to Divine Spine Chiropractic and everything changed. They’re not like all the others. With their computerized Sigma adjusting, I was able to stay calm and relaxed the whole time while they got everything back in place with amazing precision. Incredible!

I feel better than ever thanks to you and Divine Spine Chiropractic. And I want you to know that, whatever happens in the future, I’ve got your back.


your spine

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