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Are You Wowing Your Customers?

Are You Wowing Your Customers?

One morning a few months back, I visited my favorite local doughnut shop, Spudnut Donuts (I actually contemplated whether I should purposely misspell the word “doughnut” out of deference for Spudnuts, but the writer side of me said no 🙂

Anyway, they make all their delicious doughnuts in-house, using potato flour (hence, the name), and they are… amazing!

That wasn’t my first trip to the Spudnuts rodeo, but that particular morning they did something that made me go “Wow!”

Spudnuts has been around seemingly forever and are the go-to place to get your doughnut fix.

When I visited that morning, I gave them my order and then watched as the the girl behind the counter grabbed a new box that they had just started using and proceeded to put my goodies in there.

Up until this point, they had been using regular, white cardboard boxes (that you couldn’t see into) with their label on top.

And while the doughnuts had always been stellar, I couldn’t believe how much better they looked in these new boxes!

Same product. Different packaging. Amazing difference.

Not only did it make the doughnuts that I’d already purchased seem even more enticing to me (did I buy six, or only five?), but if I was taking these somewhere where other people would be, it’s instant advertising for Spudnuts that they didn’t have before.

So, it just made me think (as I was later munching on my apple fritter) what a difference your packaging and presentation can make for your product or service.

Spudnuts already had a great product. But the feeling I got when they handed me this box of doughnuts vs the last box was striking.

Think about when you’ve bought a product that was packaged well and thought-out and how that changed your customer experience.

How did it make you feel about the product? It’s things like that that can create loyal followers and a community that shares you with others.

So, what about you?

What could you do today to enhance the experience of your customers when they interact with you.

How can you add WOW with your product or service?

And what changes might you make that can give you greater visibility to others who might benefit from what you have to offer as well?

A simple thank you note? A follow-up call? A box of doughnuts :)?

Make it a goal this week to add even one small touch that can make the difference with how your customers interact with you and your product.

And let me know about it below…

Are You Making It Easy For Your Customers?

Are You Making It Easy For Your Customers?

You’ve got a great product or service. It provides value. You’re even connected with people that you can serve.

But… are you making it easy for them to buy from you?

Let’s learn a lesson from a trip to the gas station.

The other day I had just left home when the gas light lit up on my car, politely telling me it was time to fill up.

So, I did what most men would do… I kept driving.

Eventually, though, at the last possible moment, I stopped to get gas.

I was in a little bit of a hurry, but no one else was at the pumps so I picked one out and started pumping gas.

I had every intention of filling up the tank, but as I looked back up at the meter I noticed it was moving at a snail’s pace. Actually, a snail would have looked like a track star compared to this thing.

In my head, I was wondering how long this would take and if I really wanted to stick around.

Then I made a decision.

I just stopped partway into my fill-up, paid at the pump and left.

I had no issue with the product itself (gasoline from that brand of station). The price per gallon was competitive as well.

But when it came to the offering of the product, I just wasn’t willing to wait for another hour to top off my tank.

So, effectively, they lost out on money that I would have been more than willing to spend with them.

All because of a slow pump.

And I wondered how many others had gone through a similar experience there and left money on the table.

What about your customers?

As I thought about my encounter, it made me think about your customers and how we might be missing out on opportunities to serve them.

Are you making it easy for them to take advantage of all that you have to offer?

Or are they stopping short and going elsewhere?

Is your website easy to navigate?

Or is to slow, confusing, or cluttered and is driving away traffic?

Are you responsive to inquiries?

Or do you take too long to respond to questions and leave your would-be customers guessing?

Time to make it easier.

Take a step back today and look at your website, your communication, the way you and your business appear to those who visit.

Maybe ask for some feedback from some trusted friends.

Then make a tweak or two (or maybe an overhaul) that can make it easier for your customers to get what they’re looking for from you.

What are your tips for helping to make it easier for customers? Let us know below in the comments…