Ode To The Coffee Brewer

Ode To The Coffee Brewer

Is it just human nature to take the last bit of coffee in the pot and leave it to the next person to refill? Here’s to the heroes who don’t just walk away from that challenge, but rise to the occasion…


by Shawn Washburn

If, while filling your mug up, you drain the pot dry
Please don’t run away, do you want to know why?
For you have been chosen, right here on this spot
To make some more coffee to put in the pot

A nobler task would be hard to devise
For you’ll fuel tired bodies and open closed eyes
With this liquid that’s brewed over dark ground-up beans
You’ll power a workforce to do some great things

So go be that hero! Use bravery and skill
Grab beans and a filter, but try not to spill
Make sure to align well the pot with the basket
And push the brew button, that’s all that we’re askin’

Then fly off anew to do more super deeds
Because of your efforts, so many are pleased
All future brew-takers will collectively shout
“Thank you for brewing when the coffee ran out!”

Part of the ODE TO THE OFFICE series.

What about you? Do you ever leave just a few drops in the pot?

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Ode To Sticky Notes

Ode To Sticky Notes

One of the unsung heroes of the office. The humble sticky note. Though often buried beneath piles of paper, still you manage to remind us of the important things in life. Here’s to you, sticky note…


by Shawn Washburn

Like a bright yellow canvas, adhesively-backed
You beckon to us from the top of the stack
“Fill me with notes about tasks that need doing
Or doodle a picture of someone canoeing”

And so that we don’t forget what we were thinking
You store all our thoughts on your pad, ripe for inking
Each note a reminder to get something finished
“Call Bob”, or “Buy pencils” or “Pick up some spinach”

Without you, we’re left on our own to remember
“When was that meeting, the one in September?”
Our minds just can’t hold all those details in tact
Yet you do it with ease and you keep us on track

So thank you for helping us get our things done
When it comes to assistants, you’re our #1
Right by our side there on top of our desk
Let it be here noted “sticky notes are the best!”

What about you? Are you a sticky note lover?

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