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There is a power in the unseen. A respect. An awe. And even sometimes a fear.

We can see this most notably right now with the Coronavirus.

There is the obvious devastation that the virus has brought on lives that it has taken or impacted from a health standpoint.

But possibly even more devastating for so many individuals and countries is the ripple effect caused by the necessary measures to keep the virus at bay.

Something that can’t even be seen with the eye is virtually bringing our entire globe to a halt.

Closures, unemployment, incredible economic fallout, extreme changes to the way life used to operate… all from something unseen.


The Power Of The Unseen

Along with the virus, this past week another unseen force has reared its head as well – wind.

It has been super windy this past week, in spurts, almost eerily so.

And every time I step out there in the wind it just amazes me how something can be so powerful and yet not be seen.

You see its worst effects through hurricanes and tornadoes, but heavy storms leave downed trees, lost power and all sorts of destruction in their wake as well.

Sometimes, we’re just so used to things that we lose our wonderment.

But I want to challenge you, the next time its really windy, to go out into your yard or a large field and just stand there, taking it in.

Let your childhood mind come back to you and be fascinated by the fact that something you can’t even see is trying to literally push you over.

It’s just amazing.


What Is Unseen Can Be Eternal

The more I continued to ponder the unseen, something else popped into my head as well.

It’s a great passage from the Bible that is a perfect fit for this time of the year as well as this time in history.

It’s from the book of 2nd Corinthians, chapter 4.

The author, Paul, is writing during a time of great hardship.

He talks about being hard pressed, but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair… struck down but not destroyed.

He goes on to talk about how Jesus’ resurrection gives us hope and to not lose heart.

But the part that really gets me is verse 18:

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

That’s a great reminder for us these days as well.

I can get way to caught up in what I can see around me and lose heart.

But what is unseen… a God who loves us… a future home awaiting us… and a power that transcends us… is eternal.

So, let’s stand in awe today of what we can’t see and trust in what can truly save us.

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