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I want to invite you to start using this word more with me in the days to come.

It’s one that has brought me some comfort when I think about things that have been put on pause, lost or destroyed in the midst of our current situation.

There is plenty to talk about concerning the real threat of the virus itself and the lives it is destroying on the health front.

But there is an equal devastation that is happening across the country in the loss of so much of what we had been looking forward to or depending on.

There is a lot that has been lost that will, honestly, never be restored. We’ll talk about that on a coming post.

But today we focus on the things that will return again one day and how we can look ahead.

Some on the surface are certainly more crucial: jobs, security, food, provision.

And though others may seem more trivial in comparison, they amount to an upheaval of what we find comfort in and have looked forward to.

So when something pops into my head that has been lost of postponed or frozen in time, I’ve been trying to think in terms of “again”.

At some point in the future…

  • life will return to normal again (though it will be different)
  • we’ll get to meet in person with our church family again
  • schools will be reopened again
  • birthdays will be celebrated with friends and family again
  • restaurants and small businesses will be able to serve their customers again
  • I’ll get to watch my kids compete in sports again
  • I’ll get to hug my friends again… or hi five or fist bump or…
  • we’ll be able to remember what day it is again
  • family vacations will happen and memories will be made again


I don’t know what “agains” you need to focus on, but I hope you’ll begin to add that more into your vocabulary as you struggle with what is missing right now in your life.

Maybe we can all agree to call that day “Againsday”.

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