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What do you prefer?

It’s a question that we’ll be asking ourselves a lot in the months to come.

As businesses and schools and our lives have made necessary shifts to help combat COVID-19, something has been happening along the way: we’ve been presented with new choices.

What has happened out of necessity has also opened up opportunities to make a shift going forward.

Maybe it’s businesses realizing that their employees work better from home or that meeting are more efficient remotely.

Maybe it’s families enjoying the new-found freedom from loaded schedules and taking time to decide what is valuable enough to fill those slots back up.

Maybe it’s parents looking at different educational options, recognizing how their child learns best or uses their time most effectively.

Maybe it’s deciding that you’d rather have your favorite food delivered in the future instead of going out.

Maybe it’s people working remotely for the first time and realizing that they really enjoy the freedom it affords to maximize their time and strengths.

Whatever it is for you, as you go through this week, take time to ask yourself “what do I prefer?” in these different areas.

And then be willing to make changes necessary to move in that direction going forward.


I know there are plenty of things I can’t wait to get back to, like going out to eat or coffee with friends or family, seeing all of my church family and my Sunday school kids in person each Sunday and more.

But I’m also learning more about myself with these new ways of doing things and looking forward to exploring how to lean into the things that I prefer.

What about you?

What do you prefer?

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