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What direction are you heading?

I went for a hike over the weekend at one of my favorite spots.

For the most part, the trail is well marked out.

But there were a few places where several trees had fallen or the trail had sort of disappeared.

It made me think about how things feel right now.

All of a sudden, a huge storm has swept across our country and proverbial trees are down everywhere, blocking what paths might have seemed clear before.

Now, we’re left scanning around, wondering which direction to go, both as a country and as individuals.

What will the next several weeks or months look like for us?

It seems that no matter which politician, news source or friend on social media you listen to, the bottom line is “we just don’t know”.

It’s definitely caused me to spend more time praying, as I seek God’s wisdom on how to lead my family well through this, how we can help others, what to do or not do,

I wish the path was clearer, but I have to believe that even those opinions that seem at direct odds with each other are still coming from a place of concern and wanting to do the right thing.

So, as you look at your own personal or family situation, be willing to take some time away from everything to think.

Maybe go for a hike or a drive or a walk… as long as you socially distance.

But don’t let the fallen trees block your view from what’s further down the path.

I believe brighter days are ahead and that we’ll get out of this… together.

As we go, let’s help each other navigate and find firm footing for the path ahead.

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