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There are a lot of things that fascinate me about the way we humans were designed.

I’m especially curious about parts of us that have nothing to do with survival instinct or anything like that.

God’s creative add-ons, per se, just for effect.

Our ability to laugh, our creativity, personalities, noses are on the list….

And near the top is how we’re moved by music.

It always amazes me what music can do to us and for us.

It is truly amazing.

To all my creative music-creating, song-writing, arrangement orchestrating friends… thank you.


How it Moves Us

There are many reasons we may choose to listen to music.

It can pump us up before a big game or when we’re working out.

It can take us to far away places.

It can reassure us when we’ve lost our way or are anxious.

It can console us when we’ve lost something dear to us.

It can tell us a story.

It can resonate with us and show us we belong.

It can sneak into the back door and make us feel certain things as background music in a movie or tv show.

Bottom line is that there is a receiver within us that is tuned in to the music of our lives.


Some Of My Favorites

In these uncertain days, I’ve often come back to some of my favorite worship music.

It’s incredible that I forget how well it can settle my soul and redirect my heart.

I’ve got several playlists on Spotify and if they were people all in a room together it would be quite an awkward dinner party.

Worship. Weird Al. Greatest Showman. Best of 80s. Vacation playlists. Workout playlists. Rock. Instrumental. Pop. Hip-hop. Yes, even some T Swift in there.

And yet each has their own purpose.

It’s like having a musical appetite.

Sometimes you feel like having this. Sometimes that.

But the wrong thing at the wrong time just isn’t a fit.


The Power of Music

As you’re reading this, I’m sure you can resonate with how a certain song at a certain time can hit you right in the chest.

Music can break through hardened hearts.

Music can embolden the anxious spirit.

Music can be a vessel that delivers exactly what we need… right now.

So, if you’ve found yourself getting caught up in news feed after news feed of negativity, fear, doom and you feel stuck….

Grab some earbuds, find some of your favorite music and create a playlist that can be your go-to to reset your mind and get you back on track.


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