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(If you’re in a hurry, scroll down to the bottom for some great book suggestions šŸ™‚

How many times have you heard of a book someone recommended but you just didn’t have the time to read it.

Well, consider this your opportunity.

For so many of us, with schedules that have largely been wiped clean, we’re now presented with more time in our schedules for learning than ever before.

In the movies, this is the part of the movie where the hero is off on their own training, improving, reflecting, focusing, planning, honing their craft.

And it can be that for you as well… if you’ll seize it.

There are a ton of great books out there and not all of them or their authors are going to resonate with you.

I recommend that you take recommendations from your friends and “try a bite” of a book or author to see if you like them.

Personally, I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to like a book or an author’s style just because someone else raved about them.

The truth is, just like your own message or personality with fit with a certain audience (and not everyone), the same is true for books you might read.

So, in that vain, here is a list of some of my recent reads and other favorites. Feel free to take bite, try them out, and then read more of them if they’re a fit for you.


EssentialismĀ by Greg McKeown.

I’m currently listening to this and loving it. Lots of practical application to help us do more by focusing on what’s truly essential. Especially good for people who are ADHD-minded and people-pleasers like me. I’ve heard a lot about this book in the past and am excited to finally get into it.


Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud.

Excellent book that I read several months ago. Dr Cloud is also the author of Boundaries and this book continues on from that one, giving helping us to look honestly at relationships, work projects, meetings, and so many other areas of life and decide what needs to be ended. Pruning those areas allows more of energy and life to flow into what matter most.


This is Marketing by Seth Godin.

Like so many of Seth’s books, it’s packed with wisdom, experience and Seth’s trademark style as he turns traditional marketing and messages on their head and shifts our thinking to what is truly important. Seth is a true original and you’ll find his ideas popping up everywhere, and shifting how we look at marketing.


Finish by Jon Acuff.

I’m an admitted Acuff groupie and love pretty much anything he writes. His mix of solid ideas on business and life mixed with his sarcastic humor and relatable stories make his books easy to consume and even easier to apply. Once you finish Finish, makeĀ  sure to check out the rest of the collection (Start would be a good place šŸ™‚


Freelance to Freedom by Vincent Pugliese.

I first encountered Vincent in an interview about a year ago and quickly came to love his story, his no-nonsense style and his willingness to challenge the status quo. I listened to Freelance to Freedom (a free audiobook) and then quickly transitioned over to his daily podcast. Vincent cares deeply about those that he helps. He will make you uncomfortable settling for less than what is possible and will show you what freedom can look like in your life.


Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan.

Nothing business-y or productivity-related here. Just a funny guy who is relate-able and hilarious… and loves bacon. Honestly, sometimes we just need a good laugh and this book hits the spot. The audio book, read by Jim, is the best!


Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller

I’ve read some of Donald’s books in the past (A Million Miles in a Thousand Years) and listened to his Storybrand podcast. He is a master story teller and this book does an amazing job of helping us craft the perfect story with our clients and customers, how we can be the guide in their hero journey.


Platform by Michael Hyatt

I first read this years ago when I began to get to know Michael and his teachings. I return back to this book time and again as it is a key resource for anyone with a message or brand to share with the world. Michael’s influence can be felt throughout so many other books and podcasts I’ve enjoyed. In a lot of ways, he’s the grandfather of the platform movement.


48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller

I don’t remember when I first started listening to his podcast (by the same name), but both the podcast and the book are excellent at helping us see the value we have inside and how we can help those around us while making a living. He helps us see how we are designed and how to find that place where our passions and purpose meet.



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