I created the REAL CHURCH HEROES series as a way to highlight and show appreciation to the many church volunteers who give so freely of their time and gifts. Based on the popular “Real Heroes” ads.


Mrs. Bulletin Insert Stuffer

“Presenting…Real heroes of your church”
“Real heroes of your church”

“Today, we salute you, Mrs. Bulletin Insert Stuffer”
“Mrs. Bulletin Insert Stuffer”

“Laughing in the face of nasty paper cuts and chapped fingers, you plow through a stack of bulletin inserts with 10-fingered intensity”
“Put away that band-aid”

“A sermon note here, a church picnic flyer there…you deliver these important updates piping hot, wrapped in a bulletin blanket”
“With tender loving care”

“With origami-like precision, you bend and fold your artwork to create an informational masterpiece, suitable for framing”
“Or sticking in your Bible”

“So take a well-deserved coffee break, friend. And though the coffee may stain the outside of the bulletin, it’s what’s on the inside that counts”

“Mrs. Bulletin Insert Stuffer”

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