I created the REAL CHURCH HEROES series as a way to highlight and show appreciation to the many church volunteers who give so freely of their time and gifts. Based on the popular “Real Heroes” ads.

Mr. Church Door Greeter Person

“Presenting…Real Heroes of your church”
  “Real Heroes of your church”

“Today, we salute you, Mr. Church Door Greeter Person”
  “Mr. Church Door Greeter Person”

“A welcome sight to visitors, your smile beams with an intensity matched only by a Cleveland sports fan whose team finally won a championship”
  “I’ve never known that feeling”

“Like a child carefully examining the contents of a refrigerator, you determine to hold the door open until your appointed job is done”
  “Or you’ve let out all the cold air”

“Your handshake and friendly greeting send your welcomed guests on their way with a warm, fuzzy feeling”
  “Have a bless-ed morning”

“So take a break in the Cafe, O greeter of the masses, and shake hands with a refreshing beverage.”

  “Mr. Sunday Morning Greeter Person”

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