I created the REAL CHURCH HEROES series as a way to highlight and show appreciation to the many church volunteers who give so freely of their time and gifts. Based on the popular “Real Heroes” ads.

Mr. Offsite Parking Shuttle Guy

“Presenting…Real heroes of your church”
“Real heroes of your church”

“Today, we salute you, Mr. Offsite Parking Shuttle Guy”
  “Mr. Offsite Parking Shuttle Guy”

“When people told you they’d never park off-site and ride in your big white behemoth, you laughed and bribed them with free food from the Cafe”
  “First-timers only”

“Like a clown driving a circus car, you manage to fit an insane amount of people inside your vehicle at one time, without breaking traffic laws”
  “Don’t forget about the seat belts”

“As captain of the U.S.S. Trinity, you navigate your large vessel through the sea of traffic and deliver your precious cargo to its port”
  “You’ve never lost a package”

“So put it in park and turn off the ignition, señor shuttle. Take a well-deserved siesta. You’ve earned it.”

  “Mr. Offsite Parking Shuttle Guy”

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