for all those who have ever read a bedtime book to a little human…


I scan through the books that I’ve tossed on the floor
In search of the right one for reading
It takes me a while here to sift through the crumbs
From the cracker I’d previously been eating

At last I uncover the most perfect story
And grab it with fingers so tiny
There’s pictures and letters, it’s just the right length
So we’ll finish before I get whiny

With the book in my hand I return to your chair
and climb up in your lap that’s so cozy
There’s less room on here, “Have you gained a few pounds?” I think
But don’t want to be nosey

I lay my head back on your chest for a moment
Relaxed as I feel your heart beating
Then I flip to the first page so there’s no mistaking
It’s time that we get started reading

You read about cows and that circle that’s blue
I’m so proud of how well you are doing
But don’t try to fool me, I know all your tricks
The dogs aren’t the ones that are “mooing”

We look through the pages and I’m getting sleepy
I think that it’s time for some z’s
I’ll just close one eye as you skip to the end
In your arms here I feel so at ease

You think I’m asleep as you put down the book
And you carry me up to my bed
I’m loving each moment as you lay me down
And you kiss me on top of my head

Good night

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