Ode to The Diaper Change

Ode to The Diaper Change

A tribute to those brave moms and dads who have faced… The Diaper Change


As you walk through the room, you can tell without thinking
That someone in diapers has just started stinking
You try to take cover, to hide out of sight
But then you think “No, that just wouldn’t be right”

“Hey honey!” you call out, “your baby needs changing”
“I’ll be in the garage doing some re-arranging…”
A lack of reply from your spouse tells you quickly
This one’s all on you, sir, so better act swiftly

You follow your nose to the one that’s offending
The stench is so strong here, no time for pretending
You reach down and rescue your smelly young peanut
Exclaiming out loud, “Wow that’s strong!”, and you mean it

With baby in hand and an urgency pressing
You rush to the table and start the undressing
Of course, now you realize that this is the day
That layers and layers of clothes are in play

So you pull and unsnap and then slide off the garments
To only find out to your shock and alarm that
What you thought was simple is now more complex
A “blowout” has you in a state of duress

You trudge on in spite of the setback you’re facing
With wipes as your weapons there’s no need for pacing
You’ve trained for this moment and execute quickly
Though fumes from the diaper have you feeling sickly

But soon you are done and your task is completed
The baby is changed and now you’re warmly greeted
With hugs and some kisses from your little treasure
A thank you that’s worth more than all you can measure


Ode to The Diaper Change

Real Church Heroes – Mrs. Baby Nursery Diaper Changer

I created the REAL CHURCH HEROES series as a way to highlight and show appreciation to the many church volunteers who give so freely of their time and gifts. Based on the popular “Real Heroes” ads.

Mrs. Baby Nursery Diaper Changer

“Presenting…Real Heroes of your church”
  “Real Heroes of your church”

“Today, we salute you, Mrs. Baby Nursery Diaper Changer”
  “Mrs. Baby Nursery Diaper Changer”

“When others hold their noses and flee the scene, you boldly rush into the fumes and say ‘It’s go time’”
  “Time to change some stinkies”

“Like a modern-day David, you take on your smelly pint-sized Goliath armed with only five smooth wipes and the power of God”
  “David never changed a blowout”

“After a hard-fought battle, you cast out those evil spirits of stench and banish them into the abyss of the diaper pail”
  “Wow, this thing is full”

“So hang in there, diaper deputy, and don’t throw in the towel…it just might get soiled in the process”

  “Mrs. Baby Nursery Diaper Changer”