Day 26 – “SATISFY”

Day 26 – “SATISFY”

During the month of April, I’m writing 30 Words for 30 Days: Thoughts from Six Feet Away, one topic per day. Find out why here.


What does it mean to be satisfied?

One dictionary defines satisfying as “meeting the expectations, needs or desires of someone.”

For many of us, during the COVID-19 era, we’re singing along with the Rolling Stones as they proclaim that “I can’t get no… satisfaction.”

I’ve found that, as many of those things in my life that would usually bring satisfaction have been pulled away, it’s shining a glaring light on what I really rely on for my well being.

I think there are some universal things for all of us that might make us feel better on any given day.

Sunny, pleasant weather. A delicious meal. Doing something we love.

But with our current crisis, we’re also seeing how many other (even little) things we count on to satisfy us.

A few for me:

  • Going to a local coffee shop to think and write
  • Watching my kids play sports
  • Watching basketball on TV
  • Playing basketball at our local rec center with friends
  • Going out to eat as a family, just because or to celebrate birthdays
  • Getting together with friends
  • Taking my daughter to the library or the trampoline park


I wonder what those things are for you. What is on your list?


What truly satisfies

As I sit here on a Sunday morning, anticipating joining in online with our church in several hours, I’m struck by how much God has revealed to me about myself in the last months.

And often how little I truly rely on Him to truly satisfy me.

It’s ironic, because His resources are limitless and not affected by a virus.

His love for me can’t be quarantined or kept six feet away.

More than anyone else, He wants me and loves spending time with me.

He offers me everything that will fill my heart: peace, fulfillment, meaning, rest, joy, acceptance, healing, love.

And yet, so often I let temporary satisfaction from other things fill this hole in my life.

Only to find that when those things fade away, I’m still empty.


The 5000

Jesus’ disciples faced a situation a few thousand years ago that makes me think of today.

They were surrounded by thousands of people who had come out to hear Jesus teach. But they didn’t have a way to feed them.

The restaurants too far away and Door Dash wasn’t around yet (or the internet or cars or free delivery).

And Jesus was asking them to take care of dinner.

How could anything the disciples could do satisfy the appetites of all of those people?

They were at a loss.

Except for one glaring thing.

The very One asking them to feed the crowds was also the Source they were overlooking.

You probably know the rest of the story.

A kid offers up his small lunch, Jesus blesses it and multiplies it and the masses are satisfied.

For me, it’s maybe not so much a few fish and bread that I need to offer up, but instead just a little faith.

When I’m willing to acknowledge that all of these things that I’m missing right now will never truly satisfy me, that… that is when Jesus can take my small pieces of faith in Him and multiply it to fill my soul.


One day

One day in the future, these things that I enjoy will gradually come back.

Some Saturday in the future I’ll be playing basketball with my friends.

I’ll be watching my kids play sports.

I’ll be writing a new blog post from that coffee shop.

And I want to be able to know, on that day, that those things are nice and all… but that even if they were taken away again I’ve found my satisfaction in Jesus alone.

Happy Sunday everyone.