30 Words for 30 Days – Intro

30 Words for 30 Days – Intro

So, there’s a lot going on in the world these days.

If you just woke up from hibernation, the last few weeks and months has been a whirlwind of change, uncertainty, and unprecedented measures to fight a new world enemy — COVID-19, the coronavirus.

One day has sort of blurred into the next, not knowing where we are in any given week not to mention what huge announcement might come on that given day.

There have been multiple tug-of-wars going on inside my head: worry vs faith, depression vs hope, wandering vs leading, anger vs understanding.

In the midst of it all, I’ve bounced from one thing to another as I’ve lost a sense of normalcy and routine.

A few days ago, it was announced that the lock-down that we’re in has been extended another 30 days in an effort to combat the virus, save lives and get our country on solid footing again.

Honestly… and maybe you’re like me… before that happened I was thinking “OK, we’ve been at this for several weeks and things have been rough, but we’re almost done.”

And then the extra 30 days order came down and there was a collective sigh at the thought of the long road ahead.

As I struggled with the idea, I was thinking about how to find something to keep me going through all of this.

Something for me, but hopefully something for you as well.

Enter 30 Words for 30 Days: Thoughts from six feet away.

It is my attempt to do something I love (writing) to allow me to get some thoughts out onto a digital page (this blog) and in the process start some conversations, offer some encouragement and hope, and collectively get through this together.

Each day a different one word topic.

Pretty simple. I hope you’ll join me.

It’s one way we can stay connected during this time of isolation.

If you’re ready, you can start here.