Give your brand an identity
The right tagline can make all the difference when it comes to how people remember your product or business.

When people think of your company, your product, your mission, what do you want them to remember?

Let’s create something catchy that reinforces your values, sets you apart, keeps you in the forefront of your customers minds.

CHECK OUT some examples…



Project: Create a tagline for author Melody Steiner for her new website. I wanted to create a tagline that would tie into the name “Melody” while still staying with the author theme. After going through several others, I came up with this tagline. It ties into the musical realm with “resonate” while conveying that Melody’s words will powerfully impact those that read them.


Project: Create a tagline for a new product created for children dealing with ADHD. There were several items included in the package, which provided help for a variety of issues these children deal with. One of the main goals was to provide calm for the child by using the product. I found out that the product would be packaged in a tote bag and used that as part of the tagline concept.

“Put your money where your tech is.”

Project: Create a tagline for a fine quality wallet whose design incorporated a cool tech feature. Tying in to a common phrase, I pulled in the tech idea as well.

“Tell your story.”

Project: I wanted my own tagline for Washburn Writer to convey that I’m about helping your business tell a story to your customers that will get noticed and be true to your brand.

“Crushing breast cancer under our feet.”

Project: This one was rather unique. A company in the wine business was going to participate in a walk to raise funds for breast cancer research. They wanted a slogan for their banner that would help represent them, tie into their brand, and convey their support of the cause. I tied in the walk and cause with the traditional image of feet crushing grapes.

“Building community and character through football”

Project: As an integral member of a new local youth football league, I sought to create a tagline that could represent the type of league that we were building. We were seeking to build a strong community through the families that were going to be a part of our league.

“Tree huggers.”

Project: A company that creates unique, luxury, custom tree houses was seeking a name for their brand. The one thing that popped out to me as I looked at their beautiful creations was how they beautifully wrapped around (or “hugged”) the trees.

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