As a dad, I often get so caught up in the day-to-day with my kids. Am I modeling what I want them to learn? Am I building into each of them, encouraging them, listening, giving them what they need?

As time goes, on, I realize more and more that they may not remember a conversation that we had on the way to church or something I did or said to them on any particular day.

But I hope that there will be some memories that will stick with them, that they’ll remember. Memories that will remind them that I cared, special times we spent together.

I’ve been blessed to have a great dad who has spent time with me, valued me, and loved me, and who continues to encourage me. Along the way, we’ve made some pretty special memories that I’ll never forget.

This is one of them…

by Shawn Washburn

It’s you and it’s me, here at five thousand feet
I see the whole world from this passenger seat
Spending some time with my dad in the air
Way up in the sky, without any cares

We glide and we turn, as we soar ever higher
Looking for thermals in our sheet metal flyer
Hanging on air, like it’s nothing at all
Me and my father, just having a ball

I wish we could stay here, and never come down
Cutting through clouds and not making a sound
Birds down below us, a blue sky above
Hanging and talking with my dad that I love

So thankful for having a dad that is caring
Making some memories with this time that we’re sharing
Pictures and snapshots are my souvenirs
Spent with my dad who I’ve loved through the years.

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