fresh thoughts on work, family, faith, and LIFE

…with a little creativity mixed in. Our lives are a messy mix of relationships, purpose, laughter, struggle, hope and meaning.

Join me as we dig in to each of these and the story your life is telling…

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Get the latest ideas from Shawn right in your inbox…

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Where we spend so much of our time. How can we make the most of it, make a difference? Let’s make our work count  


They can bring us joy and also challenge us to our core. Let’s work together to bring our best to these relationships


Church. God. Religion. Our purpose. Good. Evil. A lot of life’s biggest questions are here. Let’s talk about them. 


Some ideas transcend  categories but play such a huge part in how lead, serve and interact with the world.


Here is where my creative side lives and creates. I can’t really describe it, but you’ll just have to check it out. See you there.


I’m pleased to announce that none of my posts contain any PMW’s (Phonetically-Modified Words).

All letters are locally-sourced, brain-fed and thought-raised. Other than coffee, no chemicals or substances are used in the manufacturing process.

Here, you’ll be greeted with a generous helping of words that are fresh, unique, satisfying and sure to hit the spot.

It’s okay to ask for seconds. Dig in!

who is this guy?

My name is Shawn, but some people call me Scott (it’s a long story).

I’m a husband, father of four, engineer, writer and lover of bacon and laughter. I love to help people like you understand why they’re here and how to make an impact in their world.